Three Skills, Global Citizenship and an Uncertain future

For generations, whenever a serious problem has arisen in any society, whether it has to do with personal, social, economic or international relations, someone is almost certain to insist that education is the cure.  It is a universally accepted truth that quality education broadens horizons and ensures access to myriad opportunities.   On the contrary, in Mark Van Doren’s seminal ... Read More

Why Ph.D. Students Need Career Counseling 

When it comes to career guidance and counseling, age, or profession cannot be a limitation. It's not only the students who've written board exams feeling anxious about their next move, but Ph.D. scholars can also be as clueless and in need of guidance! One can never expect the resilience one will need to get through the whole process. While academia ... Read More

A journey of a journalist

Journalism these days is an attractive career option. It was not so when I entered the profession in 1976, immediately after completing my post-graduation in Economics. In those days, youngsters' recommended career options were limited-- IAS, IPS, engineer, and doctor. If one couldn't make it to any of these careers, academics was the fallback option, and management was an emerging ... Read More

Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS)

For students looking at university options in several different countries, one key difference can stand out when comparing the U.K. to alternatives in the U.S., Canada, or Europe: U.K. universities set out, in detail, the grades they require for students to study a specific course.  For example, a student looking to study Mechanical Engineering at one university might need to ... Read More

The Threat of Misinformation in a World of Information

Humanity has reached a point in history where information is the new gold, and of paramount importance, because of the role, it has in our lives. A significant amount of credit for such a system goes to the invention of the Internet itself, back in 1983. Before that, humanity relied on face-to-face interactions, and information was something that one had ... Read More

Reconnect: Finding Meaning in the Mundane

"If everything around you seems dark, look again. You may be the light". —Rumi. As all of us are struggling to make sense of this isolation, one challenge is to find ways to fill the day. The time we usually spend commuting, shopping in the market, or socializing with friends and relatives is suddenly at our disposal. So much time, ... Read More

Experiential Learning on a College Campus


Long before I started my journey in international education, I was an international student. When I look back, there were undoubtedly many elements of my higher education journey as an international student that helped me grow both personally and professionally to the individual I am today. From the student-centered academic philosophy of my professors who helped me out of my ... Read More

Thoughts on Co-operative Education and How to Approach it

Education concept

Co-operative education programs (Co-op for short) are opportunities offered by most universities and can be similar to an internship. These Co-op placements are usually paid and an excellent chance for students to gain professional experience, earn a paycheck and start to network. But there is more to Co-op than merely making money and boosting your career opportunities after completing your ... Read More

Money Matters

Jar of coins on table

Going to university or college will be a significant investment. For some students, this will be the first time they are handling their financial responsibilities. We want to make sure students are successful in meeting the financial demands of their post-secondary education, and the first step is to investigate your options and to do your research on what scholarships are ... Read More