What is the difference between IC3 Leaders and IC3 Advocates?

By on March 17th, 2021

Sandeep Donugari

Inclusion and access are at the very heart of IC3. The IC3 Movement is now engaging educators and leaders from 90+ countries as well as people from all walks of life. Individuals can volunteer with IC3 Movement in one of two ways: IC3 Advocates and IC3 Leaders. Both types of volunteers support the mission of counseling in every school.

IC3 Leaders are members of the IC3 Leadership Committees, volunteering two hours every week to support the mission and come from the education community- high schools, universities, and educational organizations.

IC3 Advocates are individuals who support the mission of counseling in every school in an individual capacity through small acts of change and come from all walks of life — educators, parents, business leaders, artists, entrepreneurs, young professionals, and students, for instance. Anyone who supports the IC3 mission can be an IC3 Advocate.