IC3 Student Blog - The Way of Sarthak: Boredom to Productivity

By on May 19th, 2020
Sarthak Singhal-Cover

I think I've been at home for a little over four weeks now, and after the first week, I started losing my mind. I consider myself a 'hyperactive extrovert,' and I am proud of it not going to lie. I think it serves a dual purpose; it keeps me, and the people around me entertained, and I get to increase my communication skills as well. The way I kept my cool was by taking a step back from all the panic created and solely focused on what I had to do. I thought about all the free time I had and how I could be productive with it.

I've been doing a lot of art in the past nine months or so, and all that I've learned is through experimenting, so I decided to try some online courses, which helped me quite a bit. I also had time to relax and chill with my friends and play online games where we're able to play and talk about anything. It spreads majestic vibes; it's unreal, and honestly, I think it's the best part about playing.

I also joined a few communities on Discord like Lost n' Banned to learn and understand how people around the world were dealing with so much isolation and using their time. I also looked up a few things about the college that interests me. I even attended an IC3 webinar; it was fun! I learned how to do some basic video editing tricks, how to iron my clothes, and a few recipes -- so I've been pretty productive!

If you're wondering how you can unleash the creative beast hidden within, it's relatively simple; a wise man once said, "The world itself is a piece of art," so all we need to do is observe and recreate with a few twists of our own.  

So please don't let the quarantine take over all your thoughts and creative abilities. Stay safe and stay healthy.

Thank you for reading!


Sarthak Singhal 

Illustrator and Animator 

Student, DPS Ghaziabad

IC3 Local School Outreach Subcommittee Volunteer