Impact Toolkit

Guidelines for using the IC3 Advocates branding resources

The IC3 Advocates branding resources are part of an impact toolkit shared with individuals who sign up to support the mission of counseling in every school in an individual capacity, as an IC3 Advocate, through defined “acts of change”- one every two weeks and 25 in a year.

The resources include, but are not limited to:

  • Shareable social media images and captions
  • Official hashtags (#IC3Advocates)
  • A video of the IC3 Advocates pledge
  • Email signature
  • Social media cover images for LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter

All visual branding resources carry the official IC3 Advocates logo and hence must only be used in accordance with the requirements set out below. These resources may be updated periodically, though the requirements will remain the same.

Permitted Uses

Informational Purpose:

The use of IC3 Advocates branding resources are intended for informational purposes in support of the mission of counseling in every school and are to be used only by individuals signed up to become IC3 Advocates and with whom these resources (or a link thereof) have been expressly shared. It does not equate to the IC3 Movement's endorsement of any institution, organization, company, or entity.

Prohibited Uses

  • The IC3 Advocates branding resources are for use by individuals only and cannot be used by institutions, organizations, companies, or entities
  • The branding resources cannot be used to sell or market a product or service
  • The IC3 Advocates logo cannot be used by itself, without the approved and shared branding resources
  • Shareable Social Media Graphic and Caption

    Sample Social Media Image and Caption for the Larger IC3 Family

    Share the Pledge with Caption

    IC3 Virtual Backgrounds