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Heart-felt gratitude to everyone who participated in and supported the 2023 Annual IC3 Conference & Expo. Special thanks to all sponsors, partners, student volunteers, and IC3 Host Schools.

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Sensitize educators to the need and criticality of the career and college counseling function


IC3 Institute's Flagship Program (Empower), and other career and college counseling training courses


Elevate the profession so that enough people take on teaching and counseling as a career


IC3 Institute's annual Student Quest Report, and other surveys


Develop the human resources and conduct research that will be needed to deliver this function effectively in schools


IC3 Regional Forums

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2024 Theme:
From Competition to Competence

Including the sub-themes:

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    The Impact of Counseling on Learning Outcomes
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    Foundations, Trends & Ethics
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    Compassion & Mindfulness in Counseling
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    Failure as a Teacher
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    Empowering School-Based Counseling
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    University Enrollment Management as a Counseling Function
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Become an IC3 Advocate

People Who Commit to Individual Action in the Form of Small Acts of Change to Create a Positive Impact.

IC3 Advocates

IC3 Advocates are individuals who believe that every young person should have direction and purpose in life. IC3 Advocates recognize and celebrate the intrinsic value of school-based counselors, teachers, and principals, and they support the mission of counseling in every school. They commit to individual action in the form of small or large acts of change that create a positive impact. They come from the global community of educators - universities, schools, and some approved organizations.

IC3 Advocates make a difference in their immediate surroundings with a commitment to perform one act of change every two weeks, and 25 total acts of change in one year. They also share their acts of change to inspire others and multiply the impact of individual action.

Sustainable Development
Inclusion & Gender Equality
Health & Wellness
Volunteerism & Philanthropy
Leadership & Mentorship
Education & Career Guidance
Community Building
Kindness & Joy

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