Get Involved

Getting involved with IC3 is an excellent opportunity for anyone looking to deepen their impact through volunteering. This is a great way to meet new faces, exchange views, ideate, and gain a new perspective on social change — and to get involved with the IC3 Movement.

2nd Wednesday of the month
7:45pm IST • 10:15am EDT • 2:15pm GMT

IC3 Advocates

IC3 Advocates are individuals who believe that every young person should have direction and purpose in life. IC3 Advocates recognize and celebrate the intrinsic value of school-based counselors, teachers, and principals, and they support the mission of counseling in every school. They commit to individual action in the form of small or large acts of change that create a positive impact. They come from the global community of educators — universities, schools, and some approved organizations.

IC3 Advocates make a difference in their immediate surroundings with a commitment to perform one act of change every two weeks, and 25 total acts of change in one year. They also share their acts of change to inspire others and multiply the impact of individual action.

These acts of change are generated from three core impact categories. Explore the acts of change:

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