The International Career and College Counseling (IC3) Movement is a global effort to establish career and college counseling in every school. Our mission is for young people to get the support they need for purpose and direction in their lives.

About IC3

The IC3 Movement seeks to enable high schools to help their students make best-fit higher education and career decisions, and aims to empower every school to run a robust, fully functioning, career and college counseling department.

The IC3 Movement, at its core, is dedicated to helping young people across the globe find career paths through education that will lead to fulfilled, happy and productive lives. IC3 (short form for International Career and College Counseling) has set out to fix a broken system in which accessible and sustainable school-based career and college guidance is either inadequate or altogether absent. This mission is driven by an amazingly dedicated and passionate family of 1000+ IC3 Leaders and IC3 Advocates from across the globe.



Sensitize educators to the need and criticality of the career and college counseling function


IC3 Institute's Flagship Program (Empower), and other career and college counseling training courses


Elevate the profession so that enough people take on teaching and counseling as a career


IC3 Institute's annual Student Quest Report, and other surveys


Develop the human resources and conduct research that will be needed to deliver this function effectively in schools


IC3 Regional Forums

Annual IC3 Conference & Expo

Annual IC3 Awards

These goals are operationalized through IC3’s robust initiatives by:

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    Collaborating with leaders across high schools, universities, educational organizations, and industry to initiate dialogue on the critical need for career and college counseling within schools

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    Cultivating learning and networking for the continued professional development of the education community

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    Building the counseling capacity in schools through professional development, training, and resources for counselors

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    Recognizing educators for their inspiring contributions and admirable dedication to students and advocacy in career and college counseling every year

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    Shaping the landscape of international career and college counseling by setting best practice standards in the field and recognizing high schools that have demonstrated a commitment through a robust career and college counseling department

Benefits to Universities


Annual IC3 Conference & Expo

The Annual International Career & College Counseling (IC3) Conference & Expo is held each August to bring together high schools and higher education representatives for a collaborative dialogue on issues that prompt solutions in career and college counseling practices.

IC3 Regional Forums

The IC3 Regional Forums are a series of in-person professional development events that provide an opportunity for learning and new knowledge creation along with networking. Counselors, teachers, and principals from the local area interact with universities from across the globe.

IC3 Institute*

The IC3 Institute is a mission-driven non-profit working to ensure early access to career and college counseling, paving the path for students’ college readiness, workforce preparedness, and career success.

*The IC3 Institute is a non-profit, separately registered entity.


IC3 Events and Access

The Annual IC3 Conference & Expo and IC3 Regional Forums are open to high school delegates (counselors, teachers, principals), university representatives, and limited approved organizations. Full-time employees of high schools may attend the Annual IC3 Conference & Expo at a subsidized registration fee, and attend IC3 Regional Forums at no cost. Full-time employees of universities can also register for the Annual IC3 Conference & Expo and IC3 Regional Forums. A limited number of approved organizational delegates may also attend IC3 events at the discretion of the IC3 leadership committees, who oversee the review and approval process of event registration requests.

IC3 is a completely open-access platform, and not membership-based. All IC3 webinars and conference sessions, speaker and event recordings are freely accessible on IC3’s YouTube channel.


The initial Annual IC3 Conference was launched in 2016. The vision of this conference was driven by Ganesh Kohli, an active counselor in India for over 20 years, who recognized the need for career and college counseling within schools as a cornerstone of supporting young people to make higher education decisions that would lead to purposeful, happy lives. Having led many entrepreneurial ventures in the education sector over the years and as Chief Mentor of KIC UnivAssist, Ganesh conceptualized IC3 as a solution aiming to fix this gap in high schools. Recognizing this need and leveraging the support of KIC UnivAssist, the first Annual IC3 Conference was inaugurated in 2016.

KIC UnivAssist continues to manage and support IC3 events, though it does not control content or participation for any of IC3's events or programs. With aligned missions, IC3 and KIC UnivAssist share a deep commitment to high school empowerment and supporting systems of helping students to find best-fit higher education. (Read more about KIC UnivAssist's history and mission).

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