Pre-Conference Workshops

27 August 2024

Pre-Conference Workshop for High School Delegates: Level 1

Experience: High school educators with 0-3 years of career and college counseling experience
Theme: Navigating through need analysis to build tailored career counseling systems

Understanding student needs and parent expectations is essential for creating a supportive learning environment, making decisions about higher education, and helping students succeed. The 2023 IC3 Institute Student Quest Report findings emphasize the importance of counselor-student relationships, the need for conducive parental involvement, and the significance of delivering personalized guidance to meet students' individual needs. This workshop equips educators with the skills and methodologies to effectively understand and analyze student-parent needs and expectations — enabling them to introduce focused and effective career counseling interventions in their school.

Learning outcomes
Participants will:
  • Be equipped to conduct a comprehensive needs analysis to understand student requirements, challenges, and parental expectations
  • Develop the ability to navigate the decision-making dynamics, enabling them to adapt strategies for effective student support involving parents
  • Possess the skills to establish and maintain a strong network of support with various stakeholders, facilitating an empathetic approach to student care and enhancing overall educational success

Pre-Conference Workshop for High School Delegates: Level 2

Experience: High school educators with 3-5+ years of career and college counseling experience
Theme: Integrating data-driven industry trends and sustainable development for holistic counseling

This workshop focuses on integrating data-driven industry trends and sustainable development into career and college counseling. Recognizing the gap left by traditional counseling methods, especially post-pandemic, it aims to equip educators to prepare students for the evolving workforce and encourage them to make informed, sustainable career choices. Participants will learn to source and analyze labor market data, building a dynamic counseling system that reflects current and future industry needs and skills. The workshop also emphasizes sustainable development, teaching educators to guide students toward careers that fulfill personal ambitions and contribute to global sustainability goals. By incorporating sustainability into career counseling and linking it with school sustainability initiatives, this workshop seeks to create a holistic approach to career guidance. This fosters socially conscious individuals prepared to positively impact the world through career paths, aligning personal success with societal and environmental well-being.

Learning outcomes
Participants will:
  • Acquire the skills to accurately source, interpret, and apply current labor market information and industry trends in counseling, enabling students to navigate and adapt to the evolving job market effectively
  • Be equipped to develop a holistic career counseling framework that integrates sustainable development principles, guiding students toward careers that contribute to both personal fulfillment and global sustainability goals
  • Learn strategies for effectively integrating career counseling with existing sustainability initiatives at schools, promoting a cross-disciplinary approach that prepares students for socially responsible careers

Pre-Conference Workshop for University Delegates

Experience: University outreach professionals
Theme: Market adaptability and innovation in outreach efforts

In the context of education as a sub-sector of a more significant social sector, universities are expected to function as facilitating agencies of social, economic, and cultural transformation. Their outreach efforts are critical for providing information and empowerment that are both holistic and educational. Current outreach practices, however, are often limited to providing information on existing institutional programs, offerings, and associated procedures.

This workshop highlights the process and methodology for universities to engage in innovative outreach programs that cater to diverse needs, including higher education (high school educators), industry experts, and international teamwork. Additionally, it emphasizes restructuring traditional programs and embracing knowledge sharing.

Combining these insights with the evolving landscape of higher education marketing, the aim is to equip university professionals with the skills to navigate and succeed in these changing environments. Focus on market adaptability and innovation in outreach reflects a comprehensive approach that aligns with current academic and industry trends.

Learning outcomes
Participants will:
  • Understand the impact of global trends on higher education
  • Acquire skills in digital engagement for effective outreach
  • Learn data-driven personalization techniques for student engagement
  • Develop collaborative strategies for education partnerships with an emphasis on ethical standards